Let us Read the Bible !

We are living in the days of uncertainty. Dangers and disasters are seen everywhere. Our hearts and minds are gripped with sorrow and fear with all bad news that is flooding the media. But we as God’s children need not walk in the dark. We have the Word of God that is “a lamp to our feet” and “a light to our path”.

By the grace of God we have successfully completed “Read the Bible in 40 days Challenge” (from 10 May to 24 July 2021). What seemed as an impossibility in the beginning turned out to become an interesting, informative and inspiring exercise. Many thousands attended the “Overview” sessions of each book of the Holy Bible every single day of the 40 day Bible Reading Challenge at 6 am IST. The videos can be accessed by clicking this link: 40 Days – Bible Reading Challenge 2021


Thousands of People worldwide completed reading the Entire Bible in 40 days, many for the first time. As a sequel to this challenge, we have come up with something new: “READ THE BIBLE IN 180 DAYS CHALLENGE” (02 August 2021 – 31 January 2022)

I welcome you to join in this challenge with your family, friends and your church beginning from 02 August 2021. You will not only get a chance to complete Reading the Bible in 180 days (6 months), you can also enrol yourself to participate in the ONLINE BIBLE QUIZ that will happen in 3 Phases (every 2 months). You can choose the level of the Bible Quiz you would like to take.

I also welcome you to participate in the 180 day Devotional Session on the Book of Proverbs, throughout the 180 days of Bible reading at 6 am IST Everyday Live! on our YouTube and Facebook page.

Let us “Redeem the time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:16)

Yours in His service,

Gabriel Thomasraj

Pastor, ACA Church Avadi.